2004-America & The Globe
DNC - Boston
New York City - RNC
The Race + The Debates
Election Day - The Vote

Welcome to the web site of "2004-America & The Globe," a Margaret Crane|Jon Winet hybrid new media project focussing on the 2004 U.S. Presidential Elections. As the election recedes in the rearview mirror we have begun to archive the project. Clicking on the thumbnails above will take you to the four editions of the web site. Each features a variety of multimedia and text elements that we invite you to explore, including "The Conversation," a semi-dormant public bulletin board that we plan to relaunch in early 2005.

We hope you'll check back as we continue to develop the documentation of the project.

Our special thanks go to The University of Iowa and to DiverseWorks, prinicipal supporters of the project; to the contributing writers; to Dale MacDonald, collaborating artist in the DiverseWorks exhibition and to Craig Dietrich, web development associate.

revised: 12/02/2004